5 “Slurpilicious” Ban Mian That Won’t Make You Miss Pasta or Instant...

5 “Slurpilicious” Ban Mian That Won’t Make You Miss Pasta or Instant Noodles

best ban mian in singapore

1. Top 5 Best Ban Mian In Singapore

Ban Mian, traditionally known as Mian Fen Guo (wheat snack) or Ban Mee, is an economical dish that has sprouted all over local kopitiams and hawker stalls. You can find Ban Mian in a different assortment of shapes and sizes incorporating a range of dough making methods, in particular those from the Hakka (Ke Jia) and Hokkien (Fu Jian) dialects. Traditionally, Ban Mian is made Hakka style by slicing the noodle from a wooden block (Ban Mian), hence the name. On the other hand, the Hokkien would roll the dough into a flat piece then hand-tear into bite-size pieces.

Today, Ban Mian stalls offer a range of options differing in texture and density. Hand pick the noodle of choice be it thick and flat ban mian, squarish mee hoon kuay, ramen-like you mian or silky-smooth mee sua. Add to the “oomph” by having it with drydark sauce or pile on the slightly sweet and tart chilli and you’ve got yourself a winner.