5 Decadent Egg Tarts You’ll Gladly Waste Your Calories On

1Looking For The Best Egg Tarts in Singapore?


This well-travelled delicacy has since been popularized to become a local favourite much loved by young and old. The egg custard is fragrant sweet and pleasing to the palette and good quality fillings leave you hanging with a lingering but subtle eggy aftertaste that’s not overpowered by sugar.


The crust too is a big fat deal in an egg tart and it ought to be. Some like it when it’s buttery fragrant and others prefer it light and flaky with subtle caramelization. It’s a matter of choice- and you’re certain worthy of this royal treat.


Why waste your calories on something else when you know you’ve hit gold with these delicious delights? Don’t waste your time and start d”egg”ing in!