Top 3 Best Fishball Noodles in Singapore

1Top 3 Best Fishball Noodles in Singapore

To the Glutton family, a good bowl of fishball noodles must fulfill the following requirements:

  1. Noodle – The noodles must have just the right texture; springy, not too soggy nor too dry.
  2. Seasoning – The “soul” of the noodle; just the right tantalising flavours to make an impactful lasting impression!
  3. Ingredients and soup – The chewiness and freshness of the fishballs and a savory soup will make an unforgettable finishing touch for the perfect bowl of fishball noodles.
  4. The fishball noodle combo must please all the gluttons to be unanimously voted to be one of the best fishball noodles! However, among the countless stalls we had tried, only 3 had fulfilled the above requirements under this category. Most stalls did not pass the stringent criteria, so if you are looking for some awesome fishball noodles, try out our top picks!


  1. I tried the three that u posted but I found a one even better or can I say the best fishball noodles in Singapore.the location is at lor 29 geylang(星光魚圓面)the old uncle cooking the noodles is real fast at his age and it’s enjoyable to watch him cooking…most importantly the mee Pok is so tasty that I usually ordered two bowls .check it out and u will know.

  2. It would be very useful if the addresses of each individual stall was supplied, after each review

  3. Thanks for the feedback, we will try to add on the address for the top best review. For your info, you can just click on the photo and will take you to the address page as well.
    Sometime we do have guest post or reviews and we will not able to add the address. Thanks for the understanding.