Top 4 Best Kway Chap

1Who Are The Top 4 Best Kway Chap In Singapore?

Kway chap, or kueh chap, is a traditional Teochew dish made of flat and broad rice sheets, boiled and doused in a gravy made with herbs and spices, served with braised meat, peanuts and various type of innards, hard-boiled eggs, beancurd, tau pok and preserved salted vegetables.

What’s considered to be a good kway chap? For us, it consists of:

– a flat rice sheet or “kway” that must be smooth, soft and not too thick.

– dark gravy sauce that must have the right touch and infused with the aroma of herbs and spices

– assorted braised items that must be tender and infused with the essence of gravy. Innards should be cleaned properly and absent of the porky smell.

So, where are the good Kway Chap stalls in Singapore? Here are our choices for the top 4 best Kway Chap in Singapore.



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