5 Best Local Pig’s Organ Soup To Warm our Bellies

5 Best Local Pig's Organ Soup

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2#1 Ri Tao Fu Teochew Pig’s Organ Soup

Ri Tao Fu Teochew Pig’s Organ Soup
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Nestled in the heart of the Jalan Kukoh market and hawker centre, this pig’s organ soup is subtle and light on the palette. Less intense and darker in colour than the typical clear broths, the soup tastes milder but still fragrantly sweet and satisfying.
The portion of offal was hearty and generously served while the collagen-filled pig’s skin had a very soft jelly-like texture that almost melts in the mouth smoothly.
Ri Tao Fu Teochew Pig’s Organ Soup:1 Jalan Kukoh, #01-11 Jalan Kukoh Market and Hawker Centre, Singapore 161001 |Monday – Saturday: 1015am – 9pm, closed on Sunday and Public Holidays
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5-best-local-pigs-organ-soup-warm-belliesHailing from the Teochew province, Pig's organ soup or what is locally known as “zhu zha tang 猪什汤” is the quintessential comfort soup that warms not only our innards, but also our hearts. Images of this soup hearken memories of an era past, where good soups were not only nutritional but economical--making the most of every part of the animal.