4 Best HDB Coffeeshops to Get Your Western Food Fix

Western Food

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3#2 Vie Bistro Bukit Batok

Vie Bistro Bukit Batok
Photo by Vie Bistro Bukit Batok Facebook
This western food joint sells surprisingly good Salmon Steak ($9.90) paired with a fragrant buttery garlic sauce. The sides were slightly charred though not overcooked and the meat was juicy, not dry.
The presentation was stellar for a simple kopitiam western food place. It might appear a tad too expensive for kopitiam food but given that you’re having salmon, it’s a pretty decent deal. For more bang on the budget, try their Chicken Chop at $6.50 and their affordable pasta.
Vie Bistro: Blk 155, Bukit Batok St 11, #01-322, Lee Soon Food Court Stall No 2, Singapore 650155 | Tel: 8514 4792 |Website
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