Aoy’s Thai Noodles Bar @ Changi Airport

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  • On 01/03/2017
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Aoy's Thai Noodles Bar probably don't give you the cloud nine feel but overall a comforting food for a simple Thai street meal

Aoy’s Thai Noodles Bar @ Changi Airport

Aoys Thai 9

Aoy’s Thai Noodles Bar offers an array of Thai street food, Thai Boat noodles and classic Thai desserts and drinks operating out of the Changi Airport Terminal 3. There is no GST and Service charge which help to keep the price affordable.

Aoys Thai 1

Aoy’s Thai Noodle Bar adopts the open dinning concept with self-service collection.

Signature Beef Boat Noodles $7

Aoys Thai 5

Contradict to the traditional authentic Thai Boat Noodles that served in a small bowl, the Signature Beef Boat Noodle from Aoy’s Thai Noodle Bar was gigantic, the broth was imbued with the typical Thai flavour of sweet, sour and tame spiciness, you can always add chili flakes to create more excitement.

The rice noodle was smooth and nice texture, beef slices were a little overdone and somehow lost the tenderness. what a pity!

Wanton Noodles (Dry) $6.5

Aoys Thai 7

Thai Wanton Noodles are much influenced by the Chinese migrant and taste heavenly with the use of lard as the seasoning base. Aoy’s Thai Noodle Bar do not use pork related products and the flavour was compromised to some extent. Noodles were nicely done and the grilled chicken was acceptable but nothing too excited with the taste.

Aoys Thai 8

Chicken Boat Noodle $6.5 Aoys Thai 6

Smooth rice noodles was topped with Grilled Chicken, the Thai flavoured broth along with slices of chicken trying to bring across the essence of Thai cuisine, however, it slightly short of the expectation.

Minced Chicken Porridge 5.0Aoys Thai 3

We love Thai style Teochew Fish Porridge that usually packed with the seafood sweetness. unfortunately there was no fish porridge available here and only chicken meatball porridge. However, the chicken meatball porridge was a distance from the typical Thai Teochew fish porridge with the absence of the right fragrance and succulent taste.

Chicken Chop Porridge 5.5 Aoys Thai 4

Just replaced the Chicken meatballs by the chicken chop, it just can’t hold the candle to our favourite fish porridge we experienced in Bangkok.

Thai Milk Tea 2.5

You should not miss the Thai milk tea even it will likely to make you suffer insomnia for a night but it is worth it. Smooth Thai tea and the nice tea aroma could temp you for the second or third order which was exactly happened to us.

Aoys Thai 13

We left the shop but made a U-turn when the two ladies at home realised they missed out the desserts! And we went back to Aoy’s Thai Noodles Bar and made the order again.

Mango Twist 6.5 Aoys Thai 10

Thai Mango is highly sought after here for its heavenly sweetness and smooth texture with its distinct mango fragrance. It went perfectly well with the Thai sticky rice, add some coconut milk for a real taste of Thai dessert.

 Peanut Butter Honey 2.0 Aoys Thai 12

The bread toast was a tad of dry and peanut butter was lacked of the natural peanut flavour. However, you can’t expect too much for the price you paid.

Sago Mango 4.8 Aoys Thai 11

Sticky sago infused with the mango juice and chunk of fresh mango which were light and enjoyable, mimicking some sort of sweet porridge.

Our verdict on Aoy’s Thai Noodles Bar

Aoy’s Thai Noodles Bar probably don’t give you the cloud nine feel but overall a comforting food for a simple Thai street meal.

Aoy’s Thai Noodle Bar

A: 65 Airport Boulevard, #B2-33 Basement Level 2 North Changi Airport Terminal 3, Singapore 819663

H: Sun-Thu : 9am-11pm, Fri-Sat : 24hours

T: 62426278

Price : With 7%GST