Best Singapore Hawker Food 2016

Best Singapore Hawker Food Choice 2016


Which are the best hawker choices in 2016? Amongst the many stalls that we had tried, the following are our best picks. Of course, there are stalls already the talk of the town that we think not required further attention, our focus here are more on stalls that are less well known but have all right substances to stand up for the challenges. Try it out and let us know your opinions.

Roast Paradise (Editor’s Choice)

Roast paradise 3

So far, we have not awarded a char siew stall with four stars out of five, however, we have no hesitation to endorse Roast Paradise with a four and half rating. If there is a paradise to enjoy real good roast meat, it is here at Roast Paradise.

A: Stall #01-121, Old Airport Road Food Centre

Fong Yong Wanton Noodle (Editor’s Choice)

Fong Yong Wanton Noodle 4

Fong Yong Wanton Noodle is truly lived up to be cheap and good stall for its range of noodle. The serving size was not compromised and in fact you will receive more than what you will expect for the noodle and all for just 2.50. Cheap price, huge serving size and the enthralling taste make it a perfect recommendable place for a visit.

A: Block 538, Bedok North Market and Food Centre, #01-89, Bedok North Street 3

Ming Guan Seafood White BeeHoon


Its still can’t hold the candle to the famous Sembawang White Bee Hoon in term of flavour and deliciousness, a consolation price is well deserved. The rich and aromatic gravy created a beautifully subtle of sweet and savory flavours that made every taste bud came lively instantly. A $10 serving come with six big prawns, copious of fried lard and you can taste the seafood flavour muddled up with all other ingredients in the gravy, complement the noodles well and created a truly tantalizing Hawker delicacy. What is missing perhaps is the eggs which could elevate the flavour a notch higher.

A: Old Airport Road #01-51, Singapore 390051

San Hup Economic Bee Hoon Nasi Lemak at Tampines 山合经济米粉

san hup economic bee hoon 3

Nasi Lemak: every dishes was cooked with quality touch and flavorsome, from the delicious fishcake and chicken wing to the perfectly cooked veggies, the proclamation was not hype at all. In our opinion, San Hup Nasi Lemak is comparable to most other renowned Nasi Lemak stalls, a stall worth for a come back.

Don’t forget the Black and White Carrot Cake, taste was alluding and the cake was tender and have the right multitude of flavour. San Hup Economic Bee Hoon Nasi Lemak is a hidden gem in this coffeeshop, from the Nasi Lemak to the fried carrot cake, it sets the flavour but not overbearing. Most importantly, the uncles and aunties running the stall know well what is called a good food.

A: Block 742A, Tampines Street 72, Singapore 521742

Xiang Ji Lor Mee, Zha Jiang Mian 香记卤面。炸酱面

Xiang Ji Lor Mee 2

The soul of a good Lor Mee largely depends on the bowl of gravy, Xiang Ji Lor Mee never disappoint us on this aspect, the gravy has the right viscosity and seasoning to stimulate the taste buds, the chili and minced garlic further boosted the overall flavour and not at all inferior to 178 Tiong Baru Lor Mee or even the Master of Lor mee Xin Mei Xiang. What need to be improved is their toppings and ingredients which have some room to work on. It was too ordinary and lacked of the same quality when compared to the gravy.

Overall, Xiang Ji Lor Mee has passed the requirement of a good lor mee with its savouring and exquisite flavours, it could well position to challenge the best Lor Mee stalls around including the two big brothers in the vicinity If the accompanied toppings could be made more robust.

A: Blk 51 Old Airport Rd #01-81 Old Airport Rd Food Centre