Restaurants Black White Tale Cafe Review @ Tyrwhitt Road – Soul Food So...

Black White Tale Cafe Review @ Tyrwhitt Road – Soul Food So Good

Black White Tale Cafe Review @ Tyrwhitt Road – Soul Food So Good

Black White Tale Cafe is a dream come true for a young couple – Robert and Elise, both have strong passion for good food and the opening of the cafe signifies a significant milestone in their life. The café highly stressed on simplicity in decoration, from furniture to walls, black and white theme lends itself to both cosy and comfy interpretations.

At Black White Tale Cafe, quality comes top on the agenda, besides quality ingredients are used, Chef Robert meticulously prepare each of the dishes with the soul and heart, implying clearly in the business logo tagline – Soul Food So Good.

And we have to agree, the food here is really good.

Toss & Turn Cheese Wheel Carbonara ($16.90)

Chef will have the Carbonara prepared right in front of the customers, the hot pasta was cooked in a full round freaking giant cheese wheel partially hollowed out into a bowl, tossing the hot food in the cheese bowl will slowly melt the layer of the cheese, the end result was a nice and cheesy carbonara.

Everything in the plate of the Carbonara was incredibly good, from the al dente pasta to the enthralling cheesy flavour, everything was well balanced to present you a high standard Carbonara, a highly recommended dish to order when dining here.

So Shiok Beef Burger ($16.90)

Thick grounded beef patty sandwiched in between two charcoal burger bread, melt Raclette cheese on the wedge-shaped was brought to the table and scrapping off the melting side cover the juicy beef patty, the combination of the savouriness of the Raclette cheese and the natural flavour from the beef patty provided a well harmonized flavour.

Shoestring fries was used as the side dish with the main, we are glad it was not the usual fast food featureless French fries but very well-seasoned shoestring fries, nice golden brown and perfect side dishes for the burger. It is another recommended item to order on the menu.

Hawaiian Fried Chicken with Raclette Cheese ($16.90)

Panko crumbed juicy thigh, tomatoes concasse and drenched with grilled Raclette cheese. Chicken thigh was well marinated, very much retained the juiciness and tenderness. The sweet potatoes fries were very appealing to the taste buds as well.

Quote from my son: “I don’t like sweet potatoes but this one is an exception.”

Ying Yang Fish & Chips ($12.90)

Two stripes of battered fish in two different colours – a usual golden brown and a charcoal coated black fish stripe, fish inner texture was tender and moist, the outer coating was thin and crispy, served with flavourful chilli crab sauce and salted egg sauce, another signature dish highly recommended.

Lava Cake

Not on the menu yet but we had the opportunity to try it, not too sweet chocolate went well with the smooth vanilla ice cream, another few seconds with the heating will probably more ideal to allow the lava to flow smoothly.

Our verdict

We are pretty much enamoured of the chef’s culinary skills at Black White Tale Cafe, besides the impeccable depth of the food quality and excellent customer service, the price here is very reasonable and that’s no reason not for a return visit.

Soul Food, So Good – we fully endorsed it.

No GST & Service Charge

Thanks Black White Tale for the invitation

Black White Tale Cafe

A: 35 Tyrwhitt Road, Singapore 207536

H: Tue to Sun 12 noon – 10pm, Closed on Mondays

T: 81899970