Bread Yard @ One North

Bread Yard @ One North

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Bread Yard – as the name implies, revolves around the passions of bread and reflects well in most part of their menu, toast, pancakes, sandwiches and bread puddings make up the main bulk of the items. Steak and chicken apparently fallback only to the supplementary items.

Breads are handcrafted with a modern symbiosis of Japanese and European techniques. It defeats the purpose of visiting BreadYard without ordering the bread dishes.

Candied Bacon and Grilled Cheese Pancakes $12

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The pancake was aesthetically pleasing, two brown fluffy pancakes sandwiching a fried egg and topped with candied bacon that tasted like bak kwa or bbq pork. The pancake was encrusted by the grilled crispy cheese that gave the whole taste the extra zing.

Doused the maple syrup over and you can savour an unique pancake that meet most of the diner’s expectations of a good pancake.

Poached eggs $6.0

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The two triangle toasted white bread was too coarse in texture and slightly over toasted, we will prefer something more moist and refine, fortunately the two poached eggs helped to alleviate the dryness, for $6, it topped with some green and a simple dish for budget diners.

Key Lime Tart $7

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Besides the traditional bread displayed on the shelves, Bread Yard has included some tarts to satisfy the sweet tooth, the salivating key lime curd was seductive and hard to ignore the temptation. We like the well-balance of sourness with a tad of sweetness in the curd, base biscuit may be a little too hard and could be more buttery in taste.

Our Verdict on Bread Yard

At Bread Yard, you must have the love with bread to fully enjoy the dishes, it is their speciality and worth to give it a try.

GST 7% included

A: 1 Fusionopolis Place, #01-23/24, Galaxis, Singapore 138632

H: Monday – Friday 8am to 7:30pm
Saturday 9am to 2:30pm

T: +65 97735318