Media Invite Dapur Melaka – Curry Chetty Melaka: Unique crab with a wow

Dapur Melaka – Curry Chetty Melaka: Unique crab with a wow

Dapur Melaka – Curry Chetty Melaka: Unique crab with a wow

A new restaurant just running good for about two months. Dapur Melaka carries Chitty Melaka, Peranakan and baba cuisine. The family original business is with fish and crab farming, the decision to venture into the F&B is to capitalize the freshest seafood harvest from their own farm, turn it into dishes of delicacy from the original recipes passed down from generation to generation and cooked by an original Peranakan Chef from Malacca.
Besides the traditional Peranakan cuisine, Dapur Melaka incorporated a lot more spices into the dishes to perk up the flavour, this is especially evident with the Curry Chetty Melaka Kepiting – the crab was the last dish served of the night but it is so good that we can’t wait to introduce you first!
Chili carb and black pepper carb are prevailing favorite under the mainstream Singaporean dishes, a standard dish we ordered when come to crab, when the owner introduced us about Curry Chetty Melaka crab which is a Portuguese Chetty fused curry dish but was completely alienated dish to us, we were extremely skeptical how good can it be but will completely sold at the first taste.
The freshness of the crab is unquestionable, the direct supply from their own farming warrant you the best from the sea. We deeply falł in love with the rich and creamy gravy, the aroma from the spices simply umami and we feel like licking every drop of the gravy in the plate. A must order dish whenever you visit Dapur Melaka.

Buah Keluak Ayam 6.8dapur-peranakan-12
The fragrance of the gravy was accentuated by the essence of the Buah Keluak, The kernel of the “black nut” was so tantalizing and we just can’t stop digging out every bit of it.

Pongteh Ayam 7.2

The smoky sweetness of the Pongteh could be a little overwhelming.

Geram Asam Ikan 7.8
Gerang asam is a typical nyonya dish, the intermingling of tanginess and spiciness awakened the tastebud and can make you call for additional servings of rice.sedap!

Lemak Nanas Undang 7.8
The tangy of pineapple flavour and the fragrance of the spices makes this an appealing dish, a typical ‘peranakan’ dish which is rich in flavours – fruity and tamed spicy. The only drawback was the slightly overcooked undang or prawn.

Kangkong Belancan 6.2

The dish was simply fried with Belancan but hits with the right notes, the balancan is the soul of the dish and reflect well with its umami flavor in the green.

Chap Chai 6.0

There are still rooms can be improved for this dish, seasoning can be intensified to heighten the flavour and texture of a mallow cabbage will be more subtle to the taste.

Femur Cincalok 5.8

We will never missed to order this Nyonya cincalok omelette whenever we visit the Peranakan restaurant, it just tasted good.

Our verdict on Dapur Melaka

We visited Malacca quite a few times in the past few years and tasted several Peranakan restaurants, honestly speaking, Dapur Melaka outshines many of them in term of quality and taste. The Curry Chetty Melaka Kepiting is one of the dishes that gives us the wow effect, this uniquely crab is something we are very much looking forward to enjoy again. Other highly recommended dishes are Geram Asam Ikan, Buah Keluak Ayam, Femur Cincalok and Lemak Nanas Undang. At Dapur Melaka, you get to enjoy good Nyonya food at a reasonable price. Do try it out!

Thanks Dapur Melaka for the invite.

Dapur Melaka

A: 56 Sembawang Road, #01-01/02, Singapore 779086

H: Tuesday to Sunday 1030am to 230pm, 530pm to 930pm.

T: 6455 0857