Food Review: Face To Face Noodle House Singapore

Food Review: Face To Face Noodle House Singapore

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Kolok mee is probably the most well-known signature dish in Sarawak. This staple food can be found in every street and corner of Sarawak, we do have a few stalls around in the hawker centre selling the noodle but to find a real good one could be finding a needle in a haystack.

The alluring of the kolok mee lies in its simplicity, pale looking springy noodle that tossed with the seasoned sauce, common toppings like minced pork, char siew, fried wanton and vegetable, special chili flakes sauce can be added to spice up the flavour.

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We have not been to Sarawak personally to experience the authentic local Kolok mee, however, Face To Face Noodle House Kolok mee was quite impressive in term of taste and flavour. The noodles were perfectly al dente and springy, the lard and shallot oil fragrance permeated every strain of Kolok mee and we slurped up the noodle as soon as it was served.

Good noodle will be incomplete without the right toppings, the home-made char siew was incredibly good, the nice caramelized skin with the charred aroma and wholesome season touched our hearts, a perfect pairing with the noodles.

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Besides Kolok mee, Face To Face serves Pan Mee as well, it is not the soupy type of pan mee that we are familiar, it is the dry version of Malaysia pan mee, the noodle is inspired by the age-old Jook-Sing technique that produced excellent texture and chewiness to the bites, the bowl of noodle topped with anchovies, vegetables, minced pork and running egg, of course, if you cannot live without chilli, Face To Face fiercely chili is available to test your tolerance.

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From 12 August to 30 September 2016, Face To Face Pan Mee introducing four levels of Hot & Spicy Pan Mee! Pick the highest level you can stand and get more entries into the lucky draw! The grand prize is a 4D3N trip for two to Seoul, Korea! Dare to take the challenge? My daughter JiaQi was the heroes and tried the highest level (4) of hot and spicy, she has a very high spicy tolerant level and guess what happened? After just few mouthfuls, her tears and mucus already flowed like waterfall and exhausted all our tissue packages, to put off the fire in her mouth, she had slurped up three glasses of drinks to neutralise the unbearable heat from the devil hot chili. So, try at your own risks, don’t say we didn’t warn you.

A set meal costs $9.9 comes with the noodle and a glass of drink.

Our verdict:

Face To Face Noodle House uses the traditional Sarawakian and Malaysia noodles to temp you appetite, the quality toppings and alluring taste make the Kolok mee and Pan mee just irresistible, we left the place with great satisfaction and we bet you will enjoy the meal – The Sarawakian way.


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Face To Face Noodle House

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H: daily from 11am-10pm

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