Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar @ Bedok

Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar @ Bedok

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The signature charcoal black waffle $6.0 is almost the synonymous for Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar. It becomes one of the most sought after desserts in this cafe and what have given them the attention besides the charcoal black waffle?

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From the waffle alone, the texture was crispy but not fluffy, taste was bland and it has to rely on the ice cream toppings and the caramel sauce or salted egg yolk sauce to lift up the overall flavour. Eating the waffle alone is just going to be too monotonous and featureless.

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As what Jia Qi said “I am here not for  the charcoal waffle but for the ice cream.”

We think what is really doing well with Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar is not so much of the charcoal waffle but their ice cream instead. The Pistachios $4.5 and Thai Milk Tea ice cream $4.5 were smooth and fine, hints of natural goodness and flavour with it not sugary sweet taste melts our hearts indeed. The salted egg yolk sauce $1.0 may not be too impressive compared to the ice cream, you can give it amiss without regret.

Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar Verdict :

The ice cream is quite well done here and its complement well the waffle for a good dessert. Many like to douse with the additional salted egg yolk sauce but seriously it is really not necessary and in fact tainted the nice flavour of the ice cream.

Fat Cat Ice Cream Bar

Address: Blk 416, Bedok North Ave 2, #01-25, Singapore 460416
Phone : 6241 0830
Operating Hours: Mon to Thu 1pm – 10pm, Fri 1pm – 11pm, Sat 12noon – 11pm, Sun 12noon – 10pm, Tue closed
Email : admin@fatcat.sg
Website : http://fatcat.sg/