Japan Gourmet Hall SORA @ T2 Changi Airport – Popular Japanese food under one roof

Japan Gourmet Hall SORA @ T2 Changi Airport – Popular Japanese food under one roof

If you like Eat-At-Seven at Suntec City, Japan Gourmet Hall SORA – a similar dining concept has found its way into Changi Airport Terminal 2. The 7,760 sq ft space with a sitting capacity of about 300 diners and is the largest restaurant among the four terminals in Changi Airport.

The dining hall houses six Japanese restaurants that serve up various Japanese cuisines like the ramen, sashimi, okonomiyaki and desserts. Out of the six outlets, two are brand new to the local – Tsuruhashi Fugetsu and Japoli Kitchen.

Japan Gourmet Hall SORA – Tsuruhashi Fugetsu S$13 – 16

Tsuruhashi Fugetsu is a renowned Okonomiyaki chain from Osaka. The Japanese savoury pancakes are made with cabbage, eggs, choice of seafood or meat and an option to cook with yakisoba (fried noodles). The pancakes are cooked on a hot plate, doused in Worcestershire sauce and mayonnaise, and topped with bonito flakes.

The noodle pancake was excellent for its flavourful taste and perfect texture.

Japan Gourmet Hall SORA – Menya Takeichi S$17.2

Tokyo’s top chicken ramen chain popular for its collagen-rich Chicken broth ramen, the special spicy flavour ramen was an impressive dish; the spiced up broth was extremely succulent and satisfying in every slurp of the soup.  Noodle was perfectly cooked and makes you craving for a second bowl.

The Gyoza was too ordinary and we are not too impressed, the filling could be more flavorful and juicy.

Tendon Kohaku S$17.7

Tendon Kohaku specialises in Edomae-style tendon, Hokkaido rice is used and served with the beautifully deep fried crispy and nice tempura which consists of Japan sweet potatoes, prawn, crab meat, tender chicken chucks, shiitake, eggplant, long bean etc.

The spicy-flavoured rice was simple delicious, the sauce slathered over the rice gave the Hokkaido rice grain a lovely touch to the overall taste.

Besides the three stalls we tried, the rest of the stalls are:

SORA Bar: desserts and beverages:

Japoli Kitchen: Italian-Japanese pizza and pasta

Kuro Maguro: sashimi and kaisendon

Tokyo Sundubu: Korean stew

Our verdict

If you are the fans of Japan cuisine, Japan Gourmet Hall is one of the ideal places for you to enjoy a high quality Japanese food, price may be on the high side but you can be assured a sumptuous meal in the end.

Japan Gourmet Hall SORA

A: Singapore Changi Airport Terminal 2, 60 Airport Boulevard, Singapore 819643

H: 10.30am to 11pm daily

T: +65 6386-7005

FB: https://www.facebook.com/japangourmethallsora/