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Kampong Rojak Review @ East Coast Lagoon Food Village

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Kampong Rojak Review @ East Coast Lagoon Food Village

Kampong Rojak at East Coast Lagoon Food Village serves traditional rojak in Chinese style, besides the usual rojak ingredients eg. Cucumber, turnip, bean sprouts, apples and pineapple, Chinese rojack has more elaborated ingredients include roasted you tiao (fried dough fritters) was added for the crusty bite, mixed with the prawn paste and sprinkled on top the grated peanuts for the extra texture.

This Asian salad has a good mix of vegetables and fruits, the mark of a good rojak is highly depends on its sauce – particularly the Smbal balecan or prawn paste. The prawn paste from Kampong Rojak has a pungent prawn flavour and could be a little overwhelming in our opinion, luckily, a few drop of the fresh lime juice somewhat helped to neutralise the fishy shrimp smell, perhaps some ginger flower would be welcomed to further elevate the overall taste.

Besides the rojak, don’t miss out the grilled You Tiao (fried dough fritters) Tau Kwa Pau (deep fried bean curd cubes) as well, the typical Chinese dish may look simply but not easy to perfect it, the Tau Kwa Pau was slit into half and sandwiched with bean spouts and cucumber, the stuff grilled Tau Kwa Pau was then served with the dipping sauce which has a nice medley of sweet and savoury flavour, grated peanuts was drizzled over the sauce for the extra texture and flavour.

At Kampong Rojak, the slight charred bean curd skin and the filling went pretty well with the dipping sauce, in fact, given the choice of Rojak and the grilled Tau Kwa Pau, our preference goes to the Tau Kwa Pau.

Our verdict

Both the Rojak and Tau Kwa Pau from  Kampong Rojak are decent in taste and flavour, opt for the Tau Kwa Pau if you have difficulties accepting the strong prawn paste flavour in the rojak.

Kampong Rojak @ East Coast Lagoon Food Village

A: Stall 9, East Coast Lagoon Food Village, 1220 East Coast Parkway, Singapore 468960

T: 6225 5632

H: Daily 10.30am – 11pm, Closed on Fridays

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