Lik Ming Tao Payoh Laksa立名大巴窑叻沙 – Simple, light gravy but nice

Lik Ming Tao Payoh Laksa立名大巴窑叻沙 Simple, light gravy but nice

Lik Ming Tao Payoh Laksa is not new to many who like laksa, a stall already into the second generation and one of the popular stalls housed in this food centre at Tao Payoh.

Lik Ming Tao Payoh Laksa may not as famous as Katong laksa or Famous Sungei Road Trishaw Laksa, one of the distinctive differences lied with their gravy, instead of serving gravy that is rich and thick, the gravy here is more light and less cloying, obviously the result from the absence of the coconut milk, however, it could be a welcoming move from those who prefer simplicity yet tasty bowl of laksa. If can spice up the flavour with more chili or simply indulge the delectable gravy.

Ultimately, a flavourful gravy is the soul of a good laksa, Lik Ming Tao Payoh Laksa’s ability to balance the ingredients and present a reasonably good laksa is unquestionable, everything else is apparently secondary though nothing succumbed to poor standard, you have all the good stuffs in the bowl from the rice vermicelli noodles, beansprouts, prawns, chicken, taupok and fish cake slices.

Price: $3.0 and $4.0

Our verdict

Lik Ming Tao Payoh Laksa light version of laksa gravy has its own merits, the less cloying feel especially suitable to those who detest rich gravy, at Lik Ming Tao Payoh Laksa, you practically can slurp up the bowl of gravy without feeling too much the guilt.

Lik Ming Tao Payoh Laksa

A: Blk 93 Toa Payoh Lorong 4 #01-48; Toa Payoh, Singapore 310093

H: Mon-Sun 6am-3pm