Mr Ramen @ Yishun Chong Pang – Cheap and Good Ramen

Mr Ramen @ Yishun Chong Pang – Cheap and Good Ramen from a coffee shop’s stall  

Mr Ramen – a coffeeshop’s stall serving classic Japanese ramen, something unique to this stall lies with the chef and owner, most of the ramen chefs in Singapore are probably Japanese or Chinese, however, Mr Ramen is surprisingly owned and managed by an Indian chef – Ah Neng, a chef that used to work in the Japanese restaurant where he mastered the skills of various Japanese cuisine. He is fluent in Mandarin as well.

A relatively new setup with slightly more than a month old, ramen is not a local staple food and thus usually comes with a premium; it is even more challenging to operate in a heartland area among the high proportion of aging population. Mr Ramen knows the importance of survival and tweaked the menu to suit the target customer base with its very affordable price.

Mr Ramen adopted a vision to provide affordable price, restaurant quality authentic Japanese Ramen for everyone, besides the freshness and quality ingredients, Mr Ramen provides healthier choice of Tonkotsu and Shio fusion soup base, not the usual milky-white soup base that saturated with collegen, Mr Ramen’s serves a clear and healthier soup base version.

Mr Ramen $8.90

Chef speciality comes with sliced chashu, bamboo shoot, seaweed, scallops, black fungus, menma and boiled egg etc. A clear and light yellowish soup base that was not boiled as along as the tonkotsu broth. However, it was not in anyway less superior than the milky-white traditional ramen base, it was less cloying but equally tasty, al dente noodle and fresh ingredients in combination was a tantalizing bowl of ramen that simply lovely.  

Miso Ramen $6.90

Lightly salted miso base ramen with sliced charshu, boiled egg, spring onion, beansprouts, narutomaki and ajitsuke tamago, This light version of ramen best suitable for those prefer minimum fat and looking for something healthier.

Supaishi Ramen $7.90

Three spicy levels to choose for, fiery flavours for spicy lovers, opted for the middle level for a more tolerable spiciness level unless you prepare to bring tears and sweat for yourself. From the charshu to the boiled egg and other ingredients, it was as good as the ramen served in the restaurants for the price you paid, we especially loved the thin slice charshu which was tender and flavourful.

Dorai Ramen $5.90

We may used to the soup base ramen but how about some dry ramen? Dorai (Dry) ramen served with stir fried pork, the pulled pork was beautifully seasoned, bold flavour pork went extremely well with the noodles and we truly enjoyed every bite of the bowl of Dorai ramen. Highly recommended to try as well.

Gyoza (6 pieces) $4.50

Takoyaki (5 pieces) $4.50

Traditional tako balls with squid fillings.

If ramen is not your cup of tea, Teriyaki Chickidon (Teriyaki chicken with rice) and Chiki Katsudon (fried chicken with rice) are available as well.

Our verdict

Mr Ramen features an umami-laden ramen that stands up well to bold flavors like any of the ramen served in the restaurants. A place that you can enjoy a good quality ramen that is affordable and delicious.

A: Blk 101 Yishun Avenue 5 #01-93 Singapore 760101 Fu Chan Coffee Shop

T:  82491222

H: 10am to 11pm daily

Note: Thanks Mr Ramen for the invitation