Original Cake 源味本鋪 Review

The OG of Castella Cakes has arrived in Singapore, and has set itself on the second level of Westgate mall at Jurong East.

The cakes are available in 3 flavours –

  • Golden Cheese ($12, u.p $13.50)
  • Frozen Chocolate ($15, u.p. $16.50)
  • Original ($10, u.p. $11.50)

Videos of these cakes have been going viral online, featuring tall, fluffy domes of sponge cakes taken out of the oven, and sliced while they’re piping hot. Freshly baked daily, Original Cake prides itself for whipping up pillows of soft, cottony, and bouncy castella cakes that have a melt-in-your-mouth texture.

For the purists, go for the Original ($10, u.p. $11.50). The texture of the cake is very fine, and remains soft even when kept in the fridge overnight. The flavour of egg isn’t very strong, and isn’t overly sweet, so this will definitely appeal to those with lighter taste buds.

As for those who prefer something more decadent, the Golden Cheese ($12, u.p $13.50) comes layered with processed cheddar cheese slices in the middle of the cake. When eaten warm, the cheese takes on an oozy texture, and adds a subtle hint of savouriness.

The Frozen Chocolate ($15, u.p. $16.50) is studded with HERSHEY’s chocolate chips and instead of the latter two, it is served cold. Made using chocolate chips, the cake is fudgy and bittersweet, a more indulgent treat for the chocolate lovers.

These cakes are great for sharing, with each pillowy slab good for eight to ten people. To prevent the cake from drying out, store them in an airtight box in the refrigerator, and warm them up in the microwave before consuming.

Original Cake

Westgate Outlet
3 Gateway Drive, Westgate Jurong #02-24, Singapore 608532

Singpost Outlet
Address: SingPost Centre, #B1-141/142/143, Singapore 408600

Sembawang Sun Plaza Outlet

Address: 30 Sembawang Drive, Sun Plaza, #B1-19, Singapore 757713

Contact number : 96687012

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