Roy Thai Kitchen review @ Hougang – hidden gem for authentic Thai food

Roy Thai Kitchen review @ Hougang – hidden gem for authentic Thai food


Roy Thai Kitchen is located right next to the 105 Hainanese Village Centre (Lorong Ah Soo Food Centre), the wet market that is popular for the fresh and cheap fish, or the long queue for the Teochew fishball noodle at the upper level food centre.

We had tried many Thai food and we did have some concerned how Roy Thai Kitchen can make themselves stand up for the challenges with many good Thai food around. Can we expect some lip smacking food and wallet friendly Thai cuisine from Roy Thai Kitchen?

Thai Style Steamed Fish with Lime Juice ($22)


Thai food is good at dealing with fish. Be it the three-flavour Thai fried fish or the appetizing steamed fish, we kind of seduced by the catch of the ocean.


Freshness is almost a mandatory requirement for a good steam fish besides the seasoning. Roy Thai Kitchen presented the dish in an impressive way, The fish was as fresh as the live catch from ocean and cooked to a perfect doneness. garlic, lime, chili padi and celery etc blended perfectly to achieve a well balanced of sweet, sourish and spicy flavour. In fact, the dish could be more superior than some of the Thai restaurants here. Highly recommended dish to order.

Green Curry Chicken $8


Rich, creamy and smooth with the nice aroma, that was what Roy Thai Kitchen green curry chicken presented. We can taste the aromatic herbs and the spices with the usual repertoire of flavour enhancers. The coconut did the balancing act making the curry a lovely dish to go with the rice.

Tom Yam Seafood $8 / 12


Tom Yam seafood soup somehow is a must order item when we visit to a Thai food outlet, a dish to fulfill the craving of our two kids for their love of the sweat induced spicy, sour and appetizing flavour.


The squid and prawns helped to intensify the seafood sweetness into the broth, quite a nice one indeed.

Pandan chicken $10

Pandan leaf chicken is one of the Thai specialities, usually the boneless chicken was marinated with the traditional Thai spices before steam and and wrap with pandan leaf. The deep-fried pandan chicken allowed the natural pandan aroma from the leaves infused into the meat, adding the extra distinct flavour to this popular dish.


Roy Thai Kitchen has apparently mastered the dish, the chicken was juicy, tender and every bite was packed with the amazing flavour. Definitely one of the better one we have tried. Highly recommended here.

Stied-Fried Mixed Greens $6


Olive Fried Rice $5 

We used to cook olive rice at home and to truly enjoy the authentic olive rice, we added the “oh lam” or Chinese preserved black Olive on top of the preserved black olive leaves, it helped to lift the overall fragrance of the olive rice a notch higher.

Roy Thai Kitchen may not have the “oh lam” but the strong charred flavour of the rice helped to make up the shortfall. A delicious plate of rice worth the support.

Pineapples Fried Rice $5

Good Thai pineapples rice must have the sweetness and aroma of the pineapples. The added spices to the fragrant rice should give it a distinct flavor. Pineapple rice from Roy Thai Kitchen was reasonably good with its good aroma.

Our verdict on Roy Thai Kitchen

Roy Thai Kitchen is a little gem when come to Thai food. The reliance on the Thai chefs will help to ensure the authenticity of the Thai cooking, it reflected well on the masterfully executed dishes. The good quality Thai food and the very reasonable price are the big attraction here. Roy Thai Kitchen definitely warrant the visit.

A: 106 Hougang Avenue 1, #01-1239, HG 106 Food Point, Singapore 530106

H: 11.30am – 10pm

T: 9770 1168