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San Hup Economic Bee Hoon Nasi Lemak

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San Hup Economic Bee Hoon Nasi Lemak @ Tampines

san hup economic bee hoon

With the tip off from a friend who patronised the stall almost weekly for the breakfast and lunch, it arouse our curiosity and finally led us to the stall to find out what in it to magnetise the beeline that form in front of the stall.

Economic bee hoon or nasi lemak with dishes is the main attraction from San Hup Economic Bee Hoon Nasi Lemak, fried carrot cake is another signature here and we are told a must order dish here.

san hup economic bee hoon

Nasi Lemak

san hup economic bee hoon

We ordered varieties of the dishes, in the plate was the otah, long bean, fishcake, cabbage and chicken wing, with so many dishes we ordered, we were expecting to find one or two to be less palatable, however, it is our pure prejudice and San Hup proved us wrong, every dishes was cooked with quality touch and flavorsome, from the delicious fishcake and chicken wing to the perfectly cooked veggies, the proclamation was not hype at all. In our opinion, San Hup Nasi Lemak is comparable to most other renowned Nasi Lemak stalls, a stall worth for a come back.

san hup economic bee hoon

Black And White Carrot Cake

san hup economic bee hoon

Nasi Lemak may be the main attraction at San Hup, however, Fried Black and White Carrot Cake are here to give the Nasi Lemak a run for its money. The white fried carrot was not stingy on eggs and the crispy touch fulfilled the first requirement of a good carrot cake.

san hup economic bee hoon

Taste was alluding but can be further improved with slightly more fish sauce and the chai po or preserved reddish.

Black carrot cake was infused with the nice fragrance of the sweet sauce; cake was tender and has the right multitude of flavour. Another dish definitely worth to order.

San Hup Economic Bee Hoon Nasi Lemak Verdict:

San Hup Economic Bee Hoon Nasi Lemak is a hidden gem in this coffeeshop, from the Nasi Lemak to the fried carrot cake; it sets the flavour but not overbearing. Most importantly, the uncles and aunties running the stall know well what is called a good food. Worth to visit again? You bet.

San Hup Economic Bee Hoon Nasi Lemak Details :

Address: Block 742A, Tampines Street 72, Singapore 521742
Operating Hours: daily 7am – 9pm

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