Si Wei Yan Sichuan Restaurant Review

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Si Wei Yan Sichuan Restaurant

siweiyan 1Si Wei Yan the Sichuan cuisine restaurant offers Singaporean a place for quality and authentic Sichuan cuisine. Evidently from the native Sichuan chefs and the culinary skills demonstrated in those dishes we have tasted.

siweiyan 2

Sichuan cuisine is well known for it bold flavours, particularly the pungency and the spiciness from the liberal use of the Sichuan chili and peppercorns. So, some level of heat tolerance level is inevitable for anyone to fully appreciate Sichuan delicacies.

Beef shank slices in spicy soy sauce 16

siweiyan 3

The first dish hits the table was the beef shank slices soaked in the crimson red soy sauce and peppercorns, it is not easy to whip out nice beef shank due to its tough and sinewy nature, however, the beef shank was surprisingly tender, the lean meat have also absorbed the flavour from the sauce and a great starter of the meal.

King oyster mushrooms in cold dressing 10

siweiyan 4

Refreshing Oyster mushroom prepared with a light touch, every bite was delightfully pleasing.

Fresh baby lobster (traditional hot spicy sauce) 12/38

siweiyan 15

Be ready to rolled up the sleeve and put on the gloves to dissect this freshwater lobster with the fingers, the freshwater crustaceans were cooked in the hot spicy sauce, not as meaty as what we can expect from the sister crayfish but the sweetness and freshness are simply alluring.

Fresh baby lobster (homemade braised sauce) 12/38

siweiyan 13

The same baby lobster but prepared in another manner, the homemade braised sauce is mild in the spiciness compared to the previous sauce and another seafood delicacy worth to try.

Lover’s grill fish in spicy Siwei sauce 48

siweiyan 5

The whole fish was cooked in the spicy Siwei sauce in a big tray, dried chili almost covered the whole fish and the red spicy sauce manifest the charm of spiciness and test your readiness to take the heat. Adopting the traditional Sichuan fish cooking concept of boiling fish in water with chili, this popular dish is generally well-loved by most of us.

Sauteed frog in chili sauce 32

siweiyan 8

Sichuan cuisine hard to go without chili, no spare for this sauteed frog.

Stir-fried prawn with Lily buds in home made sauce 32

siweiyan 11

Simple dish with stir-fried prawn with lily buds but elegantly presented, prawns are as fresh as from the sea, the lightly sweet and crunchy texture of the fresh lily bulbs supplement well the springy prawns, it is one of the dishes easy for kids and non chili lovers.

Stewed chicken and potatoes 28

siweiyan 10

Tenderly chicken cooked with potatoes in the hot pot, tantalizing with each of the bites.

Braised pork in soy sauce 26

siweiyan 7

How many can resist this sinfully palatable braised pork belly in soy sauce? The well balanced in the seasoning and tenderly pork fully soaked up all the flavours. You could find yourself savouring slices of pork belly incessantly. A dish worth to try.

Stir-fried cucumbers 14

siweiyan 12

What can be so attractive and nice for a simple cucumber only dish? This is what we thought at first and how wrong we were! The simplicity speaks for its volume, the stir-fried cucumber was an indulgence of enjoying simplicity in the most tantalizing way, the crunchiness and light seasoning if there is a pick of the best dish for the meal, Stir-fried cucumbers undoubtedly be one.

Our Verdict on Si Wei Yan Sichuan Restaurant

Dining at Si Wei Yan Sichuan Restaurant, ones can sense the sincerity of the restaurant to present the Sichuan cuisine in the most authentic and sumptuous way. There is no shortage of Sichuan restaurants in Singapore and Si Wei Yan Sichuan Restaurant is definitely one the better ones around.

Si Wei Yan Sichuan Restaurant

A:1 Club Street

T:6221 6836

H:Mon – Sat:11.30am to 2.30pm; 5.30pm – 10pm, Sun: Closed


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