Top 2 Best Curry Chicken Mee in Singapore


Last Updated on 07/09/2016 by iEat&Eat Team


Left side: Ah Heng Curry Mee.  Right side: Heng Kee Curry Mee

Ah Heng’s curry was bright orangey whereas Heng Kee’s was dark red. Ah Heng’s gravy was thicker and richer than Heng Kee’s, which was more dilute. Ah Heng’s curry was more distinct in flavour with coconut milk and curry powder aroma. Spiciness is not too fiercely hot in both. However, the consistency of the curry from Ah Heng can be erratic from day to day, some days it tastes better and some days they just couldn’t get it right based on our few trips there.

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top-2-best-curry-chicken-mee-in-singaporeThe queue in front of Heng Kee Curry Chicken Noodles may be longer than Ah Heng Curry Chicken Mee Hoon Mee. However, we think that's just an illusion from their slow serving speed. All factors considered, our preference still goes to Ah Heng Curry Chicken Mee Hoon Mee as our top choice for curry mee in Singapore. Who's your pick?


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