Top 3 Best Fried Carrot Cake in Singapore


Last Updated on 20/09/2016 by iEat&Eat Team

2Lagoon Carrot Cake

This is always our benchmarking carrot cake stall when we make the comparison with other carrot cake stalls. We love the almost perfection of everything went into the frying of this delicacy. The perfect radish texture, the great condiment and the seasoning concocted by the chef to create the succulent heavenly taste make you yearning for more.    

Lagoon carrot cake
Address: East Coast Lagoon Food Village, 220 East Coast Parkway, #40 East Coast Park.
Operating Hours: 11.30am-11pm (opens at 8.30am on weekends and public holidays)

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top-3-best-fried-carrot-cake-singaporeThe fragrance from a real good fried carrot cake could be addictive and enticing to the taste buds, making your yearning for more. So, where can you find the best carrot cake in Singapore? Not many good one around and we would recommend the following 3 carrot cake stalls that we think serve the best carrot cake in town.


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