Top 3 Best Hor Fun in Singapore


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1Top 3 Best Hor Fun

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top-3-best-hor-funIf you are looking for the best hor fun in singapore, you should check our list of top 3 best hor fun in singapore.


  1. Tired the Hor Fun at Changi Lor 108 Fei Lao Hor Fun on 24 Aug night. I drove all the way to try this Hor Fun. Cost $5 per plate for one person’s portion. The ingredients were fresh but the dish is average, bland, no taste, mild “wok he”. Surprised it was one of the top hor fun. I would recommend the one at Circuit Road Hawker Sze Char, Soon Heng .

  2. You may want to try the $10 seafood Hor Fun in Opeh leaf as it is always tasted great, we always stick to this version and not the $5 version.


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