Our Top Choices Top 3 Best Hor Fun in Singapore

Top 3 Best Hor Fun in Singapore


1. Top 3 Best Hor Fun



  1. Tired the Hor Fun at Changi Lor 108 Fei Lao Hor Fun on 24 Aug night. I drove all the way to try this Hor Fun. Cost $5 per plate for one person’s portion. The ingredients were fresh but the dish is average, bland, no taste, mild “wok he”. Surprised it was one of the top hor fun. I would recommend the one at Circuit Road Hawker Sze Char, Soon Heng .

  2. You may want to try the $10 seafood Hor Fun in Opeh leaf as it is always tasted great, we always stick to this version and not the $5 version.

  3. I should Hong Sheng Restaurant 鸿勝菜馆 at Toa Payoh (203 Toa Payoh N, Block 203, Singapore 310203) still able to serve Wok He Horfun, take away is always using Opeh Leaf. However, due to popularity Hor fun sold out as early as 7ish pm daily.


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