Our Top Choices Top 3 Best Laksa in Singapore

Top 3 Best Laksa in Singapore


1. Top 3 Best Laksa in Singapore



  1. By the way I have yet to try AMY LAKSA, I still find Sungei Road Laksa still the best of all, because once you take the first bowl of Laksa, automatic 2nd bowl to continue, however Katong Laksa and others won’t have the continue of eating the 2nd bowl, because the gravy using too much coconut milk to cover the origin taste of Laksa. Especially the soup still remain in the bowl even finish the noodle, but Sungei Road Laksa will finish everything even the soup. This is a good Laksa

  2. Some laksa can be cloying especially those with exceptional thick gravy. We yet to try the original Sungei Road Laksa.

  3. There are 3 stalls in Kovan hawker centre. All the 3 stalls are pretty good and laksa is definitely better than Sungei Rd one.


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