Whisk and Paddle Review @ Punggol

  • Whisk and Paddle Review @ Punggol
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  • On 09/04/2017
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Review Summary:

Whisk and Paddle is a good place for some comfort food at the same time enjoy the green surrounding, the river and the beauty of nature.

Whisk and Paddle Review @ Punggol

Whisk & Paddle 3

Whisk and Paddle has huge sitting capacity with both in-house air conditioning and alfresco arrangements. Facing the Punggol river and the vast mangroves provide the diners a paranormal view of the nature.

It was a Sunday morning and the more than 200 seats were almost a full house, mostly are young families and couples probably from the nearby residential estate.

Whisk & Paddle 2

Whisk and Paddle serves the usual western cuisine and pizza, no house speciality and food are generally followed the mainstream.

Mac and cheese $13.8

Whisk & Paddle 5

Honey baked ham, pink sauce, mozzarella cheese and Macaroni, a very simple dish that anyone can whip up in the kitchen. The Mac and cheese here was not extra cheesy and creamy so you wouldn’t feel cloying after few monthfuls, on the flip side, it was not too bland that you missed the cheesy flavour. A decently presented dish to us.

Italian Carbonara $15.8 

Whisk & Paddle 6

Garlic, egg yolk, bacon, parmesan cheese, poached egg and crispy parma ham. A forkful of creamy carbonara in the mouth and you will rewarded with a rich and hearty pasta that is just satisfying.

Salmon Benedict $13

Whisk & Paddle 7

The savoury waffle was fluffy and missing the crispy texture, smoked salmon is hardly can go wrong, this Salmon Benedict was filling but however tasted ordinary and will not blow your mind.

Pull pork quesadillas $12

Whisk & Paddle 4

Pineapple, mozzarella cheese in tortilla wrap served with tortilla chip. The pulled pork quesadilla was nicely cooked and seasoned, however the portion was a little undersize.

$2.50 Deli 

Whisk & Paddle 10

Earl Grey Lemon Pound cake, it’s a refreshing dinky addition to end a hearty meal.

Choco Fudge Cake $6

Whisk & Paddle 9

Chocolate fudge cake was moist, Chocolaty, rich and fudge. frosted with a perfect chocolate ganache that will please any sweet tooth.

Whisk & Paddle 8

Our verdict about Whisk and Paddle

Whisk and Paddle is a good place for some comfort food at the same time enjoy the green surrounding, river and the beauty of nature.

Whisk & Paddle

A: 10 Tebing Lane, #01-01, Singapore 828836

H: Tuesday-Friday  3:30pm-10:30pm
Saturday/Sunday/PH  9:30am-10:30pm

Closed on Mondays (except for PH)

*Kitchen closes 2:45pm-4pm every weekend/PH. Only drinks and desserts will be available.*

T: +65 6242 4617

W: http://whiskandpaddle.com.sg

With GST and Service charge